Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Splinters

ARTIST / BAND: The Splinters

MP3: Splintered Bridges

ALBUM: "Splintered Bridges" 7-inch

FILE UNDER: Garage / Indie / Folk Rock

LABEL: double negative records

INFO: The Splinters may have only been a band since 2008, but the girls actually began palling around four years earlier as freshmen at UC Berkeley. In the waning months of their college careers, Ashley Thomas (guitar), Lauren Stern (tambourine), and Caroline Partamian (guitar) began messing around with music and cranked out a few silly, lo-fi garage-pop songs. Quickly realizing that a few of the songs were actually pretty good, they recruited their friend Courtney Gray (whom had previously played with Ashley in a short-lived Misfits cover band called The Skullfuckers) to round out the group on drums.

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