Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pinx


MP3s: “Impatience”: mp3 / “Change Me”: mp3

ALBUM: Look What You Made Me Do


LABEL: self released

INFO: As The Pinx stand facing a sold-out crowd of 1800 at theVariety Playhouse, Atlanta's hardest-working power trio have little time to dissect how they've reached this moment in one short year.
After proving themselves in dives and at festivals across the country and living on the road, The Pinx now find themselves collecting accolades from a certain Grammy-award winning band that chooses to remain anonymous (but is identified as any of several very large, extinct proboscidian mammals of the genus Mammut), airing live performances on television, and debuting an album that led Ben Harper to personally book them on his tour.

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Anonymous said...

This band seems pretty cool. Gotta give them a more in depth listen. Saw another cool profile of them over at Indie Pit. Check it out if you wanna find out more about these guys. Here's the link