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ARTIST / BAND: Jorjick

MP3: You Lose You Get

ALBUM: Jorjick - You lose you get EP


LABEL: CUMBO records


Georgian native Jorjick is a pioneering and respected techno and minimal techno music producer and DJ.

He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He never stops searching and always around music. Starting from his early teen ages – Jorjick has been searching for unique sounds and ended up experimenting on different instruments, thus developing his passion to become a music producer. Early 90's young musician left for Germany, grabbing the world of opportunities and challenged by the fresh inspirations Jorjick produced all kinds of music from alternative to art-rock.

Late 90's producer explores the new sounds coming from the simple dram machine. He experiments again. His production seems to be a whole laboratory of music,

searching for the unique, groovy sounds in post soviet world. Music produced by Jorjick is impossible to box into just one genre; his discography features a wide variety of releases,

offering sounds that are identifiable as exclusive Jorjick style. 2001, he moves to Moscow, where he founded his own music lab – ARC Laboratory, for two years he produced more then 20 tracks, experimented with vocals and started spinning the turntables.


This time Tbilisi (Georgia) clubbing arena was just developing and he started to earn a big respect as DJ, still pioneering and offering the innovative and fresh sounds. 2003, together with the group of artists founds one of the first, underground, stylish clubs "Lift011". This was the only club on 11th floor of office building in the downtown of the city.

During couple years of its live "Lift011" gave the opportunity to many young Georgian DJs to stand up on the deck and try themselves as real DJs.

jorjick is one of the (if not only one) founder of georgian underground techno scene. 2004 Jorjick established his own record label Cumborecords, one of the first Georgian (International) record labels in the country.

jorjick is founder of Master school program “Master Cumbo” for electronic music, which is till now only one in Georgia.

kiketi1 Till now, Jorjick is one of the most famous music producers and respected DJs in Georgia, introducing his experimental sounds of techno and minimal/techno. 2008 Jorjick established his own production studio in Berlin City, where he
is working on collaboration projects with musicians and friends like : Thomas Brinkmann, Andrei Oid, Dasha Rush, Strom und Technik.....etc.


2005 JORJICK OI, cumborecords (CD-Album)

2006 JORJICK_13 EP (Piso Records)

2006 JORJICK_Netto (Cumborecords) (CD-Album)

2006 JORJICK_Spring EP (Systemrecordings)

2006 JORJICK no EP (Systemrecordings)

2007 JORJICK Zero EP (Cumborecords)

2007 CUMBERTO aka Jorjick Ladana EP (Cumborecords)

2007 JORJICK You Lose You Get EP (Cumborecords)

2007 JORJICK 33-33 (Cumborecords) CD-Album

2008 JORJICK Midi Cumbo Live EP (Cumborecords)


2008 JORJICK You Lose You Get Remixes EP (Cumbo)

2009 Hammerschmidt & Lentz - Sketch EP_jorjick remix(Front)

Upcoming Releases:

jorjick_Single Ben EP

jorjick_schuler EP

cumberto aka jorjick_YUGO EP

jorjick_everyday's revolution EP

jorjick_wassergasse EP

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