Sunday, July 26, 2009



MP3s: “Not A Political Song”: mp3 / “Let Go”: mp3

ALBUM: Holmes

FILE UNDER: Rock / Pop / Alternativ

LABEL: Groove Gravy Records

INFO: By the end of high school he was playing keyboards and singing backing vocals in various bands. At this point there would be no turning back from a music career. But, there would be quite a long pause.

Right before he turned 18 the family decided to move back to Israel. Roy came along. That meant a 3-year stint in the Israeli army - mandatory for every resident. New friends and an old walkman got him through that ride and at the end of itRoy, a lover, not a fighter, headed back to Boston to study atBerklee College of Music. To support himself he played in a handful of bands, worked as a bar pianist, waited tables, and did session work for hire.

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