Sunday, June 07, 2009

Royal City

ARTIST / BAND: Royal City

MP3s: A Belly Was Made For Wine" / Royal City - "Can't You Hear Me Calling"

ALBUM: Royal City


LABEL: Asthmatic Kitty

INFO: In October of 2000, a little band changed my life. The rock-tinged folk (or folk-tinged rock-it was never clear) four-piece in question called themselves Royal City, after their Canadian hometown of Guelph, and I accompanied them on their first-ever U.S. tour, their road manager by default. While Royal City’s greatest artistic achievements were yet to come (please pause to go listen to Alone at the Microphone), over those three weeks I saw the band find their feet and create a lasting chemistry. When I listen to this collection of unreleased songs, I’m taken back to that formative tour where much of this material-and Royal City itself-took shape.

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