Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dodd Ferrelle

ARTIST / BAND: Dodd Ferrelle

MP3s: "I Can't Wait"

ALBUM: Lonely Parades

FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Americana

LABEL: Two Sheds

INFO: For anyone who has followed Dodd Ferrelle's music since the critically-acclaimed album A Carriage On the Hill, it will seem like he has come full circle with the release of Lonely Parades. The new CD not only features the return of players who appeared on Carriage, including Jon Mills, John Neff, David Barbe and Betsy Inglesby, but also comes closer to capturing the feel of Carriage. Dodd's familiar wail is upfront and center onLonely Parades, but with even more exuberanence.

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