Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Deaf Judges

ARTIST / BAND: Deaf Judges

MP3s: Deaf Sentence / Space Cadet Setlist

ALBUM: All Rise


LABEL: Emerald City Ruins

INFO: Deaf Judges are a four man Hip Hop crew out of Athens, Georgia consisting of three MCs (Rorshak, Produce Man and Louie Carlysle) and one DJ/ producer (Cubenza). This conglomeration of talent pulls together vast influences from all over the musical map into a secret formula that exhibits the freewheeling fun of the old-school eighties together with the grimy lyric-driven pulse of nineties NY underground. All of this is spiced with a distinctly Southern flavor that is undeniable, while at the same time far removed from the regional sounds of their dirty south contemporaries.

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