Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Color Turning

ARTIST / BAND: The Color Turning

MP3s: New Hooligan

ALBUM: Good Hands Bad Blood


LABEL: Softdrive Records

INFO: Good Hands Bad Blood is an auditory adventure and introduction to modern indie/experimental rock. Displaying flagrant mastery of their instruments and genre, The Color Turning represents an expansion of Los Angeles’ indie psyche with dancing musicianship and detailed composition. Orchestrating their instruments in a fashion of a movie score or soundtrack, the band rarely begins any track at 11 but rather draws their listeners in with curious melody and progression. Providing an auditory blueprint of communication between vibrations and emotions, reacting to each other and growing to a common core and evocation. Structuring the album around the rising download culture in music, the band creates a visceral experience to be listened to in its whole as a story or broken into its chapters of tracks.

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