Monday, May 11, 2009


ARTIST / BAND: Monahans

MP3s: It’s Enough to Leave You

ALBUM: Dim the Aurora

FILE UNDER: Absolutely Kosher Records | Misra Records

LABEL: Indie

INFO: Dim the Aurora is the new album by Austin, Texas’ Monahans, the follow up to their promising debut Low Pining. The journey to this point spans ten years, two bands, and five prior releases. You don’t need to know that to enjoy Dim the Aurora, but it certainly helps to appreciate its achievement.
Greg Vanderpool and bandmate Roberto Sánchez started making music in outfit Milton Mapes in 2001. Milton Mapes eventually grew to include current Monahans members Britton Beisenherz and Jim Fredley.  After recording three full length albums and performing countless shows, the musicians had outgrown the very band they had created and realized the needed to kick their habit and explore outside their comfort zone.  They wanted more from their music than Lone Star beer and cowboy boots. The band changed their songwriting process from the old singer-songwriter-with-a-band model to a more collaborative effort, allowing the different talents of all of its members to emerge. The change led to a dramatic evolution away from the dusty influence of their surroundings in Austin to the poppier anthems of early U2 and the earthier feel of Nebraska-era Springsteen. They realized that what they were doing was so different that it deserved a new beginning, and Monahans was born.

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