Saturday, May 09, 2009

Magic Wands

ARTIST / BAND: Magic Wands

SONG (MP3): 
"Black Magic"

Magic, Love and Dreams EP


Bright Antenna

Magic Wands formed in 2007. While living in Nashville, Chris found a song on Myspace that he listened to repeatedly, day and night. Soon he discovered it was a song by Dexy, called ‘Teenage Love’. During the course of the summer 2007 Chris and Dexy started talking on the phone until dawn, writing songs for each other and mailing gifts such as toy lions, old records, handwritten poems and one glowing heart lamp. Though 2000 miles apart, they decided they were destined to be. Two weeks later Chris was back in L.A. helping Dexy pack up her old Mercedes Benz for a trip across the country.  

Magic Wands have spent the last 6 months touring relentlessly, and writing and recording the tracks that will make up their debut album. They’ve been on a monster East-West Coast US tour with Black Kids and the Virgins as well as returning to the UK to support CSS on their October dates. 

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