Monday, April 27, 2009

Pattern is Movement

ARTIST / BAND: Pattern is Movement

SONG (MP3): "Right Away" / "Jenny Ono"

ALBUM: All Together


LABEL: Hometapes

INFO: Last fall our friend Travis came to visit...we hadn't seen him in years. As usual we started talking about music. He gives me two cds, stating, "This is your favorite new band"...I say, "Pattern Is Movement...who's that?" He reiterates,"You will love this." Turns out, Travis was right. We pretty much completely wore out those cds. It's all we could listen to. It was complex, but easy. Ultra palatable, but completely fresh and new. We played their records for others to get a second opinion...could it really be that good? The Hometapes Round Table spoke, and with voices in booming unison we heard, "This rips." We tracked them down, and let it be known that we would be the peanut butter to their jelly. Discussions over what type of bread we would be between were negotiated, and a deal was struck. Classic country white bread it would be. Pattern Is Movement, welcome to Hometapes.

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