Monday, March 09, 2009

Western Civ!

ARTIST / BAND: Western Civ!

SONG (MP3): "Capitol Steps" / "I Am A Waterfall"

ALBUM: Shower The People You Love With Gold

FILE UNDER:  Indie / Alternative / Rock

INFO: Like most bands of the indie-rock persuasion, the members of Western Civ tend to balk at efforts to define the band's sound. "Can I just tell you what it isn't?" asks guitarist/singer Rich Henderson. And it's not that he hasn't had time to mull it over-- Henderson and his longtime pals belong squarely in the catagory of musical "lifers". "I don't think I could do anything else," Henderson says, his generally-easygoing features taking on a steely edge as he makes the admission.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks... I hadn't heard of this band before.. VERY cool!