Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loop 2.4.3

ARTIST / BAND: Loop 2.4.3

MP3s: Zodiac Dus

ALBUM: Zodiac Dust

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Classical / Electroacoustic

LABEL: Music Starts From Silence/Analog Arts

INFO: Loop 2.4.3 employs the gamut of percussion instruments, from marimba and steel drum to tom-toms, bongos and snare drums, temple bowls and wood blocks, opera gongs and electronics.  Their music has been described as "transportive percussion odysseys," (The Boston Phoenix) "taut compositions with a stunning improvisational sense," (Time Out Chicago) and as containing of both "action adventures and reveries...  all sound[ing] like part of a well-thought-out tradition, only the tradition has never existed until now." (NPR Fresh Air)

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