Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Doctors & Dealers

ARTIST / BAND: Doctors & Dealers

SONGS (MP3): "On The Dancefloor" / "Rock 'N' Roll Dream"

ALBUM: Lost Friends And Newfound Habits

FILE UNDER: Indie / Alternative / Melodramatic Popular Song

LABEL: Bluesong

INFO: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who roamed the wilderness of Sweden. She searched for beautiful wild horses in the cold and brought them back to the farm she lived on with her ballerina mother. She would tame the horses; masquerading as a woodland chanteuse; enchanting them with her spectral voice; making them believe they were capable of anything. Eventually, they grew to be champions. However, a curse would strike her when she tried to rest at night. Round and round in her head, she would hear music. Tunes so beautiful, they would make her cry. She tried hard to silence them until when tending her beloved ponies, they would whisper to her in the dusk that she was intended for majestic affairs. They whispered a prophecy and she realised that her curse was that majestic affair and so, one day she packed up her belongings, said goodbye the South and she trekked to the bright lights of Stockholm. From here, she travelled to cities far and wide and breathed in their influence. The world in her soul, she returned to Stockholm. Still her head would hurt, just like when she was a little girl, from all the words and melodies swimming by her eyes. But now she knew what to do with it. Her heartbreak, loves and losses gave shape and meaning to the words and melodies. This little girl grew to be Sparrow. Doctors & Dealers is her music. A lifetime in the making.

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