Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vic Chesnutt

ARTIST / BAND: Vic Chesnutt

SONG (MP3): And How / Teddy Bear

ALBUM: Dark Developments

FILE UNDER:  Folk Rock

LABEL: orange twin

INFO: As intriguing as this combination may seem for hardcore fans of either act, the final sonic results reveal a daunting sum much greater than even the involvement of such esteemed parts would imply.  The Elves' lived-in dexterity as a live band goads Vic's vocal delivery to a menacing new muscularity, imbuing this batch of songs with a sinister vibe not dissmilar to John Cale's black classic "Fear," the harsh, articulate sleaze of Lou Reed's "Street Hassle" or the defeated lowkey soul-music of Nick Lowe's last few records.  As useful as these benchmark-records are in identifying Dark Developments' own unique spirit, this record truly stands on its own as a brilliant statement, a classic addition to Athens' legendary pantheon, and, most importantly, as an organic meeting of two separately-evolved  and vital musical entities that never feels forced, flashy or false.   This is an important album endemic of a natural partnership, and a great way to spend an afternoon.

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