Monday, February 16, 2009


ARTIST / BAND: Telepathe

SONG (MP3): Chrome's On It

ALBUM: Chrome's On It EP

FILE UNDER:  Club / Club


INFO: Melissa Livaudis and Busy Gangnes were part of First Nation and Bloodlines respectively. Telepathe started as a side project for for these groups. With its first line up of rotating members, the band's debut release, the Farewell Forest EP is a dense as the current incarnation, but was made by a full band in the expected set up. Their Sinister Militia "12 inch, recorded with the current line up (including semi-permanent guitar hired gun Ryan Lucero) is the bridge to how they sound now: synthetic ambience without full-blown machine beat. But it wasn't until recently that they hate jamming and gave it up for the hectic commotion of technology.

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