Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Shortwave Set

ARTIST / BAND: The Shortwave Set

MP3s: Harmonica

ALBUM: Replica Sun Machine

FILE UNDER: Acoustic / Electronica / Down-tempo

LABEL: Wall of Sound

INFO: From their 'swap' shop HQ in Deptford, The Shortwave Set have always plotted a somewhat esoteric path. Their first album, "The Debt Collection" was hailed, by none other than the band themselves, as a "Victorian Funk" masterwork; a claim made somewhat easier to uphold by the fact that no one could recall any other records in said genre. The album, assembled using 50p charity shop vinyl and broken instruments was allegedly financed by a two grand overdraft and the Dover-Calais tobacco run and was promoted via their Soho club night "The Pawn Shop", where the band would offer to swap their record collections for anything brought in by punters; milk jugs or golf clubs for example.

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