Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Video

ARTIST / BAND: Home Video

FREE EP: It Will Be OK
I Can Make You Feel It
Maybe What You Need
Every Love That Ever Was
You Will Know What To Do

FILE UNDER: Indie / Electro / Rock

INFO: Following their excellent self-made, no-budget music video for "I Can Make You Feel It" premiering on MTVu, being featured on the frontpage of youtube (!), and an opening gig for Justice on NYE: Brooklyn's electronic dream-pop duo unleash their eagerly awaited EP for free download. It Will Be OK is their first new material released since 2006 illustrating the bands new sonic direction and attitude, more expansive and dense while not forgetting how to move bodies on the dancefloor. The gloom and darkness of their previous output gives way to glimmerings of hope marked by sublime swells of sound.

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