Monday, December 08, 2008


ARTIST / BAND: Quitzow

SONG (MP3): What Time Is It?

ALBUM: Animal Nature

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Live Electronics / Pop

LABEL: Young Love Records

INFO:The songs were inspired and influenced by the live performances and is thus an extension of the project. The songs were brought home as skeletons of samples and drum loops, each originally named after the state in which it was created.  Erica added the Quitzow touch, creating a collection of pop tunes and dreamy sounds capes; its dancey digital elements warmed up with an organic analog feel provided by cello, violin, acoustic guitar, live percussion and Moog.

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1 comment:

new rap music said...

not sure ow i feel about this song What time is it... seems a bit busy and not meshing to well.

still catchy though.