Sunday, November 23, 2008



SONG (MP3): Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet Cafe Than Me

ALBUM: What year will you have the World?

FILE UNDER: Indie electro pop

LABEL: The Planet Awesome /Collective / Subtractive

INFO:In their first four years together, Carefree, AZ outfit Peachcake have gone through more than most bands go through in an entire 20-25 year career (eat that, U2). After their formation in 2003, Stefan Pruett (aka Space Panda) and John O'Keefe (DJ JohnO)’s quest to do something positive led them to release a well-received EP on Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World's label Western Tread. The response to their music and interactive live performances was overwhelming and the duo quickly found themselves playing sold-out shows to fans of all ages, being picked up by a new label, and receiving unusual offers, such as being the first-ever band asked to play Burning Man. With a full-length debut in the making, Peachcake were poised to take over the world - but perhaps as is the very nature of fate, the band soon thereafter found themselves hit with a slew of unfortunate incidents: unfair arrests, accidents, arguments, and ultimately, death.

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