Wednesday, October 22, 2008

+/- {Plus/Minus}


ARTIST / BAND: +/- {Plus/Minus}
SONG (MP3): Snowblind

ALBUM: Xs on Your Eyes
FILE UNDER: Pop / Electro / Rock
LABEL: Absolutely Kosher / Teenbeat / & Records / WWR
INFO: With their fourth album, X’s On Your Eyes, James Baluyut, Patrick Ramos & Chris Deaner haven’t dumbed down their approach, but they’ve slowed it just a wink (or slowed it long enough for a wink and a smile).  Handclaps, warm vocal harmonies and rhythms you can tap your toe to without hurting yourself.  The results are sublime, an engaging and catchy pop record better than anything the band has ever done.  Maybe it’s the rash of marriages and children that came since the last record was finished.  Maybe it’s James Baluyut's many late nights belting out the ballads of the 1970's at his local karaoke bar. Maybe it’s drummer Deaner’s increased role in the album’s composition following his touring as Kelly Clarkson’s drummer.  Maybe it’s hearing Ramos’ soaring vocal from Let’s Build A Fire’s “For You” in a placement over David Caruso’s histrionics on CSI: Miami last year.  Maybe it’s just a matter of maturity and the changing nature of things.  In any case, this is a band still bristling with excitement, but a more inclusive, kinder sort.  There’s still plenty, like Baluyut’s lead single “Snowblind” and Ramos’ companion “Subdued,”  to captivate their core fanbase and a whole lot more for new fans to put their arms around.  +/- {Plus/Minus} will be touring the world in support of the album.

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