Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Michael Zapruder

ARTIST / BAND: Michael Zapruder

SONG (MP3): Ads for Feelings

ALBUM: Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope


LABEL: Sidecho Records

INFO:Minimal and tricky, Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope presents a world of large spaces and tiny details. It dwells in contrast and juxtaposition. Whatever intuition made Zapruder set the two-week limit on this record, it was a good one, because the recording lacks oversight and planning and thereby exposes common threads in songs that might have initially seemed too dissimilar to belong together. What results is a larger world that feels strangely effortless and surprisingly unified. And thanks to Scott Solter, on Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope for the first time, the quality of the recorded document equals the quality of Zapruder's songs. This is the best record that Zapruder has yet made.

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