Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facing New York


ARTIST / BAND: Facing New York
SONG (MP3): All A This
ALBUM: Get Hot
FILE UNDER: Progressive / Indie / Rock
LABEL: FiveOneInc
INFO: Facing New York formed in 2004 when ex-members of ex-bands became ex-friends and formed the group on January 1st, viewing this symbolic birthdate as a good omen for the year and those to come. The band begun as a five piece: Eric Frederic on vocals and guitar, Rene Carranza on keyboard, Matt Fazzi on guitar and vocals, Omar Cuellar on drums, and Brandon Canchola on bass. The eager young band rushed through rehearsals to meet the mid January recording dates that singer Eric Frederic had already booked. A 6 song EP was recorded entitled "Swimming Not Treading" to document this aggressive approach to making records and music business in general.
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