Tuesday, June 17, 2008

System and Station

ARTIST / BAND: System and Station

SONG (MP3): The Magnetic North

ALBUM: A Nation of Actors

FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Progressive

LABEL: Latest Flame Records

INFO: System and Station is from Portland, OR. The band first started in 1998 in Idaho as Dave Wall, RFK Heise and Mike Rundle and then moved to Wisconsin until 2001. After that System and Station came to Portland and became RFK Heise, Palmer Cloud, Josh Vasby and Bryan Fairfield and later Levi Cecil until 2005. At that point System and Station became RFK Heise, Palmer Cloud, Adam Draper, Mark Matterey and later Ed Cugguda until 2007. Now System and Station is once again RFK Heise, Palmer Cloud, Adam Schultz and Bryan Fairfield, get all of that?

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