Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ndidi Onukwulu

ARTIST / BAND: Ndidi Onukwulu


ALBUM: The Contradictor


LABEL: Jericho Beach Music

INFO: Ndidi has one of those voices that you can't forget. Whether she's out on the down-low with a melancholy moan, or chasing hellhounds with a strident tone, it's a voice that can stop you in your tracks.
Onukwulu's full-time guitarist and sometime co-writer Madagascar Slim -- a three-time Juno Award winner in his own right -- says her voice is outstanding. "I really got excited the first time I heard it," says Slim. "She really does have something special." Put the voice together with her graceful, casual stage presence, and it's easy to see how she lures people into her lair of song.

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