Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gentleman Auction House

ARTIST / BAND: Gentleman Auction House

SONG (MP3): We Used to Dream About Bridges

ALBUM: Alphabet Graveyard

FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / R&B

LABEL: Emergency Umbrella Records

INFO: Gentleman Auction House initially began as a new musical endeavor for St. Louis native singer/songwriter Eric Enger, but has gradually blossomed into a seven-piece ensemble, providing a sonically saturated accompaniment featuring a variety of instrumental textures - from piano, organ, and auxiliary percussion, to flute, trumpet, and xylophone. Ranging from spirited guitar romps and unrestrained percussive fanfare, to down-tempo introspections and swelling declarations, each song claims its own identity amidst a laundry list of lyrical poignancies.

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