Friday, May 16, 2008

William F. Gibbs

ARTIST / BAND: William F. Gibbs

SONG (MP3)s: Operate" / Darling, You Were Beautiful Once"

ALBUM: My Fellow Sophisticates

FILE UNDER: Garage / Gospel / Gothic

LABEL: Old Man Records

INFO: Born in Troy, Alabama, William F Gibbs was first introduced to the guitar as a result of his mother cleaning out the attic.  Lying prone on the couch with a shattered leg, William was desperately looking for a way to pass the time.

Gibbs explains:  "I'm indebted to the guitar. It was my gateway drug to songwriting, arranging, singing, exploring and music at large. I started playing when I was 14, but for years we were strangers and had no real knowledge of each other. When I was 21 I became incredibly bored with playing so in order to resuscitate my love for it I denied myself the comforts of familiarity. I exchanged a pick for long fingernails, standard tunings for non-standard, and conventional chords for imaginary ones. Right around this time I started writing songs.  As far as influences on my guitar playing go here's a short list: Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Scotty Moore, Joe Maphis, Danny Gatton, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Brian May, John Frusciante, John Fahey, and David Wilcox."

Since then, he has performed extensively in the southern states that surround his home of Greenville, South Carolina.

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Anonymous said...

William F. Gibbs is unbelievable and his music is so diverse. I definately reccommend seeing him live... he puts on a great show.