Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trevor Exter

ARTIST / BAND: Trevor Exter

SONG (MP3): Strawberry Wine

ALBUM: Flying Saucer People EP

FILE UNDER: Acoustic / Pop / Alternative

INFO: I was born in Ithaca, NY and I always played different things but kept coming back to the cello.
I started singing in Brazil and then with De La Guarda here in NYC, now I just sit with the cello and sing. I play it weird though - like a tiny bass or aquatic guitar, and I also hit it sometimes.
You can find me often at Banjo Jim’s, Rockwood, Joe’s Pub, Living Room, Sidewalk and those kinds of places, mostly songwriter hangouts.
I work frequently as a sideman, but I ain’t Yo-Yo Ma!
Come see a show sometime - we’ve been hitting it pretty hard with the band, and I also do solo sets.

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