Thursday, May 08, 2008

The New Frontiers

ARTIST / BAND: The New Frontiers

SONG (MP3): The Day You Fell Apart

ALBUM: Mending

FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock / Americana

LABEL: The Militia Group

INFO: The New Frontiers are a band on the front lines of this battle with their debut full-length offering, Mending; they wisely let their music do the talking. Sonically, the band once known as Stellamaris offers up their take on a quieter, more introspective brand of indie rock. Anchored by singer Nathan Pettijohn's emotive vocal delivery, and complemented in kind by an equally skilled Dallas-based supporting troupe, The New Frontiers present tunes with a quiet sense of majesty that still manage to pack a colossal emotional footprint. Their pacing is deliberate, but never sedate and their sound is at once both contemporary and traditional. The overall musical stew is one that combines dashes of alt-country, brit-rock, and indie-pop (among others) towards a final mélange sure to win over sets of ears for years to come.

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Sergi Gvarjaladze


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