Friday, May 16, 2008

Music Go Music

ARTIST / BAND: Music Go Music

SONG (MP3): Light Of Love

ALBUM: Light Of Love

FILE UNDER: Psycho Pop

LABEL: secretly canadian

INFO: Music Go Music have the simple syrup of pop extravagance running through their veins. These arena-sized songs are composed with such savage efficiency that you find yourself humming along before two bars have gone by. They are as assured and crafted as ABBA and ELO's best songs of '76, yet Music Go Music sounds fresh. They've exploded the formulas from the inside out, sounding like a hundred others and no one else. "Light of Love" is a true celebration of pop music's potential - laying a thin sheen of magic over the world around it, and making the tedious bits of the human experience a little less so.


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