Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tobias Froberg

ARTIST / BAND: Tobias Froberg

SONG (MP3): Just behind a brickwall


FILE UNDER: Alternative / Folk / Rock

LABEL: Cheap Lullaby (US), Poptones (UK), Playground (S)

INFO: Swedish artist Tobias Froberg has so far relased two albums. The first, For Elisabeth Wherever She Is (2004) was nominated for album of the year at the swedish indie grammies, and contains songs like "Grace", "So I" and "Don´t´worry bout a thing".
The second album, Somewhere In The City (2006) contains songs like "God´s Highway", "Love and misery – a duet with Ane Brun", "When the night turns cold" and "What a day" and is practically for sale over the whole globe. In the UK, it was released by legendary record boss Alan McGee on Poptones, in the US by Cheap Lullaby, in France by PIAS, in Scandinavia by Playground, in Australia by Shock, and so on.
Alongside with the music, Tobias is a writer. He is, amongst other things, one of the very, very few who got to meet and interview movie director Ingmar Bergman, for a book.

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