Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Sound of Arrows

ARTIST / BAND: The Sound of Arrows

SONG (MP3): Danger!

ALBUM: Danger!


LABEL: Labrador

INFO: Their story began as most others does. They came from the same town, met through mutual friends, had similar interests and musical preferences, made a web-based christmas calender, dabbled with electro-pop. And so on, your ususal fodder for biographies. But it was after trying to make a Christmas song by sampling a Children’s choir from Youtube they’re mutual musical project really started to evolve. This was in the end of 2006. Due to the lack of computer, and recording, knowledge it took several months to complete it. The final version missed it’s deadline, Christmas, with half a year. But the song suggested what they wanted to do musically together and marked the start of The Sound of Arrows. After this they started playing around with a couple of samplers, a harp, some strings, technicolors and huge crescendos. Their inital intention was to record a song or two and then move on. But that changed once their first song ’Narrow Escape’ garnered some apprectiation.

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Sergi Gvarjaladze


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