Saturday, March 22, 2008

Joshua Morrison

ARTIST / BAND: Joshua Morrison

SONG (MP3): Alabaster


FILE UNDER: Indie / Acoustic / Other

LABEL: Expanding Brooklyn

INFO: Growing up in a small town between Seattle and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Monroe, music always provided a comfort to Joshua Morrison. Exposed to a broad musical spectrum as a child, Morrison gained an appreciation for all styles. His mother first introduced him to the symphony, a family event where seven year-old Joshua was forced into his Sunday’s finest: a dress shirt and a clip-on tie. His father (who worked at the local prison as a guard) imposed his musical influence differently: Joshua, as a passenger in his father’s flat black 1981 Chevy pickup, listened to his father’s musings (which include where his father first heard the given song, when the song had been released, who recorded, etc) about such artists as the Moody Blues, Glenn Campbell and everything in between.

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