Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Black & White Years

ARTIST / BAND: The Black & White Years

SONG (MP3): Power to Change

FILE UNDER: Electro / Experimental / Post punk

INFO: The Black & White Years have been making music together (known as The Trees, Paper Tiger, The Leavers and other names too embarrassing to mention,) for almost four years. Fame and fortune have come slowly (actually, not at all) for The Years, who are (at the moment) John Aldridge, Scott Butler, and Landon Thompson. Scott thinks he's God's gift to songwriting, but his true talent is making others miserable. John builds things out of balloons and wires. Landon is like your step-mom on steroids, but hotter. According to rumor, The Years gave up very profitable underwear-modeling careers to focus on making music. They are so sexy and hot. They also are masters of jigsaw puzzles and quilting. Indeed, the Years have been known to make some kick-ass, almost revolutionary, quilts. Now, B&WY are biding time, waiting for the global takeover that is surely to come. Therefore, all of you mortals, sitting couched in your complacency, prepare yourselves for the days ahead, when Black and White will cover the earth, blocking out the sun and rocking the planet with them mad ass dope skillz.

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Sergi Gvarjaladze


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