Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pierre Aderne

ARTIST / BAND: Pierre Aderne

SONG (MP3): Mina do condominio

FILE UNDER: Bossa Nova / Acoustic / Tropical

LABEL: Inpartmaint/Japan Farol Musica/Portugal

INFO: A touch of fine quality cotton shirt - Pierre Aderne "Alto Mar" Text by Kyouichi Kuroda . Pierre Aderne is a Brazilian Singer-Songwriter, born in France and moved to Brazil in his childhood. His new album "Alto Mar" gives listeners a fresh feeling, with his guitar and live voices. All songs in this album, he sings so lightly, but music keeps its tempo - never fast to get spirited too much, never too slow to stop being in deep thought. All the popular music in the world should have nothing but its charming melody. On this point, Pierre's compositions are quite good. And the  fully worked-out arrangements behind his voice are so effective that his vocal melody get its contrast  deeply. Specially I've found a song "Zzzzzzz" is so peculiar, standing out among others by its tones of each instruments and rythm arrangements....

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Sergi Gvarjaladze

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