Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nick Jaina

ARTIST / BAND: Nick Jaina

SONG (MP3): Power


FILE UNDER: Folk / Pop / Indie

LABEL: hush records media

INFO: In 1995, Nick Jaina was safely in a college on the coast of California, digging in a well at San Juan Bautista Mission (the mission made famous in the final scene of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo") when he found an abalone cross. It was the first archaeological dig ever at the mission. It was the first year of the college, and the first time Nick had ever dug anything for archaeological reasons. It was also the first thing anybody found at the dig. Weeks and weeks of sifting through dirt had yielded nothing of interest. But finally, a little cross came out of the dirt underneath a pickaxe. The bright white cross reminded Nick of a neon cross that shone over his friend's apartment in San Francisco, so he figured that it was time to move on. Reaching the height of your archaeological career at the start allows you to drop out and do something else. He dropped out of college and moved to San Francisco.

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