Friday, February 29, 2008

65 days of static

ARTIST / BAND: 65 days of static

SONG (MP3): Hole

ALBUM: The Fall Of Math

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Industrial / Electronica

LABEL: Monotreme

INFO: To describe 65daysofstatic is not an easy task. Indeed, most who have tried can merely hint at the depths these guys reach with their wide-open sounds, melding seamless guitar shapes with ferocious drum ‘n bass styled beats, live drums and c-c-c-computer g-g-g-g-glitch. A soundtrack to a new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals. A refreshing glimpse into the future at a time when the music industry has arguably been far too obsessed with all things retro.
To describe a 65daysofstatic live show is an even harder task. Viciously euphoric, frenetic, overwhelming, bordering on chaos and really, really loud. It’s what the band thrive on and how they win armies of new admirers every time they go out on the road.

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Sergi Gvarjaladze

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