Friday, January 25, 2008

Label of the month: Ranking Records

Label: Ranking Records

Info: Formed in early 2007, the Ranking Records collective started producing Drum and Bass and Dub in 2005. Inspired by the sound system culture of the Leeds dance music scene, they began producing Dubstep in 2006, and after receiving overwhelming hype over what was to be their first release, Miserere/Arigato, set up Ranking with a view to altering preconceptions about this relatively new genre: the Ranking philosophy is based on high quality production with sound system mentality.

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1. Sunshine Dub - Ruckspin & Quark (Dub)
2. Arigato - Quark (Ranking Records)
3. Butter Fingers - Ruckspin, Quark & Planas (unsigned)
4. Punisher - (Skream remix) Pinch (Planet Mu)
5. Anger - Ruckspin, Quark & Planas (Ranking Records)
6. What's Wrong ft. YT - Iration Steppas (Tandoori Spice)
7. Kitchen Dub - Ruckspin, Quark & Quantum Soul (unsigned)
8. Jah War - ft. Flowdan (Loefah remix) The Bug (Ninja Tune)
9. Metal Grime Instrumental - Ruckspin & Planas (Ranking Records)
10. 50,000 Watts - (Loefah remix) Matty G (Argon)
11. 7 Stellas Dub - Planas (unreleased)
12. Son of Thunder - Ruckspin, Quark & Planas (unreleased)
13. Captain Hawkeye - Ruckspin, Quark, Planas & Quantum Soul (Ranking Records)
14. Kingfisher - RSD (Earwax)
15. Tempest Dub - Ruckspin & Quantum Soul (unreleased)
16. Size 3 - (Skream remix) Mark Ashken (Leftroom)
17. The Blues is Now - Funk Ethics (unreleased)
18. 1st Dynasty - Forensix [mcr] (Revolution Records)

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