Friday, November 02, 2007

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill

ARTIST / BAND: Dub Spencer & Trance Hill

SONG (MP3): Supercops

ALBUM: Return Of The Supercops

FILE UNDER: Dub / Reggae / Electronica

LABEL: Echo Beach

INFO: In 2006 do not expect to see the new heroes of the spaghetti western galloping over tinted purple fields; instead todays heroes ride their monster dub through the urban jungle of the 21st century. And if youre expecting the Swiss asphalt cowboys to deliver syrupy country tunes, then hit the off pronto and youll find what youre looking for between space echo and plate reverb at the drop on 3. Like their celluloid namesakes, DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL into town armed with heavy reggae grooves and space electro sounds, all carried by pumping bass lines that almost hypnotically clear the path top the centre and gently caress your innards.

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