Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sunday Drivers

ARTIST / BAND: Sunday Drivers
SONG (MP3): The Sweetest Disguise
ALBUM: Archetypes EP

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Indie / Rock
INFO: Brady Erickson, guitarist and vocalist of the band, is obsessive. Unquestionably. After touring the US and Europe on the drums at age 17, attending art school, and traveling through the Middle East with a single pair of pants and a notepad for lyrics, Erickson coincidentally met bass player Marisa Dupuis on a double date. Marisa is a valley girl with an edge. Her uncommon sense of abstract creativity and energy found the two seeing eye to eye about music right away. A few late-night songwriting sessions later, and the foundations of the band were in place. Searching for that last element, they contacted (through MySpace, of course) a friend of a friend, Bryan Zaebst, to try playing some drums. A native of Texas who came to LA for art school and the music scene, Zaebst had been flirting with a number of music projects but felt right at home with Erickson and Dupuis. They decided immediately that he belonged with this line-up. And hence, it was a band.

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