Saturday, October 27, 2007

Devendra Banhart

ARTIST / BAND: Devendra Banhart

SONG (MP3): Seahorse

ALBUM: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

FILE UNDER: Folk / Indie

LABEL: XL Recordings

INFO:In the age of computerized music-listening, calling an album "too long"-- a dubious complaint even two decades ago, when CDs first made track-skipping simpler-- seems absurdly outdated. After all, it's easy enough to make an iTunes playlist of a record's best songs, right? So I don't get it when people call Devendra Banhart's albums too long. Not only is that problem easy to rectify, but his rambling style needs room to breathe, and space to wander toward its inspirations. Banhart's valleys have rarely diminished his peaks, and often provided ramps to them.

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