Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ALBUM: Dealin with Signal and Noise
FILE UNDER: Down-tempo / Shoegaze
LABEL: Onitor
INFO: The Projetct Guitar is dedicated to the sound of the guitar. Until now Lueckner released: “Sunkissed” (My Bloody Valentine- Hommage on Morr Music, 2003), the Japan-only-album "Honeysky" (Interpretation of Country guitars and Bluegrass Banjo Hilibilly attacks, Third Ear 2004), “Saltykisses” (even more shoegazer, Third Ear 2006) and "Tokyo" (with the sound of Koto and Pipa guitars – a homage to Tokyo, onitor 2006).
And now “Dealin with Signal + Noise“. Lueckner keeps on going with his recently, new open working attitude. On 4 tracks of the album he cooperates with the Japanese Singer Ayako Akashiba (who also worked with him on all recent Guitar albums), and on 3 tracks he worked with the American guitar band Voyager One (Seattle). Its obvious what this means: With his new album, Guitar is going back more in the direction of psychdelic guitar-sound. Or better said: This is a Sea of Sound. The Sound-Sea is wilder again, something really heavy – but between the storm of noise and feedback you could always hear the sirenes. But don´t be afraid, the fishers around will not be killed and nobody will get fixed to the boat. This storm will end in a good way. And this message is coming from someone who knows very well that life without storms is not worth a penny.

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