Sunday, April 29, 2007


ALBUM: Awkward Buildings
FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock / Acoustic

INFO: DiMenna is an artist who specializes in torture. The pain of waiting for someone to choose the correct word to express himself. The moment of realizing that something so wrong has been allowed to continue unchallenged right under your nose. The dead silence before tears are swallowed back. It's these quiet brutal moments that are painted throughout his debut album, Awkward Buildings. As a songwriter, J inhabits many characters and emotions, speaks in metaphors, and uses string sections like his Italian hand gestures. His debut album, "Awkward Buildings", is , at the same time, a pointed rant against religious establishment and something to listen to on a long drive. J is currently living and performing in Brooklyn, after moving from Asheville, NC, his home of the past ten years. Fans say "beautiful songs, but with enough ugly to keep them interesting."

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