Friday, April 20, 2007


ALBUM: Miami
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Electronica
LABEL: Morr Music.
INFO: It's altogether too easy to release an album these days. Grab your iBook, spend an afternoon looping tracks, and there you go, right? Sure -- unless we're talking about putting out an album that people will actually buy. That'll require a bit more work.
Miami is much more than an afternoon of work, but can't shed that fatal "laptop project" odor. The laptop loner badge might not be so damning if The Go Find, which is really the undertaking of a guy named Dieter Sermeus, didn't just miss the mark in crafting memorable and interesting music. "Summer Guest", for example, is a keyboard-heavy anthem along the lines of Gary Numan's "Cars" -- it could stick in your head for decades, but it just... doesn't. Somehow, even after several listens, the hook remains elusive (although the near-pornographic whispered/sung refrain, "Oh, all that I want is to make you cum", would do well to be a lot easier to forget.). And the fatal part? "Summer Guest" is Miami's best song.
The rest of Miami isn't disagreeable; it's like a cocktail party where no one is talking and everyone wants to be somewhere else, but where the hors d'oeuvres are marvelous. Too many times, just as a song reaches the point of being truly interesting, it fades -- it backs down when it should kick off. "City Dreamer" and "What I Want", for example, are electronic lullabies whose steady metronome beats could certainly lull listeners to sleep. The lyrics don't exactly set the gray matter afire, either: we hear "Hey, I'm watching the city tonight, hold on", in "City Dreamer", at least five times too many, and the problem persists throughout the disc. As for the danceable songs, such as "Bleeding Heart", well... they might get you bobbing your head, but probably not shaking your booty. It's a shame that Miami can't rise above its digital roots and embrace the groove it occasionally toys with.
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