Friday, March 23, 2007


ARTIST / BAND: Walker Kong
SONG (MP3): Andy Warho and The Honey Bees
ALBUM: Deliver Us From People
FILE UNDER: Pop / Folk Rock / Experimental
INFO: Walker Kong was formed in the the spring of 1998 when Jeremy Ackerman called upon four musically untrained female friends to help perform a collection of simple pop songs he had written over the course of a long, hot New Mexico summer. Sounding like a cross between the Modern Lovers, Elvis Costello and the Shaggs, the band began a strange assent through the ranks of a Minneapolis music scene. During these early years there was a vital music community in the Twin Cities that shared a sense of purpose and encouraged many styles of music to coexist on the same stage. Minneapolis based groups of the time such as Smattering, Lifter Puller, Triangle, the Selby Tigers and Florida were all friends and inspirations to WK as they progressed into a more refined ensemble.
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