Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Album: Secretary Bird
File Under: Rock
Label: In De Goot Records
Info: Secretary Bird is the brainchild of Mike Semple who is mostly known for his work with Bill Elm in Friends of Dean Martinez (Semple is credited on 7 albums from 2000-2005). Semple and Elm co-wrote and recorded the score to the Richard Linklater’s new major motion picture, Fast Food Nation, starring Ethan Hawke, Bruce Willis, Patricia Arquette, Wilmer Valderrama and Greg Kinnear. Along with creating music in Friends of Dean Martinez, Mike Semple played in Los Angeles’ Campfire Girls and has circled the globe playing in Giant Sand. Howe Gelb recommends, “I play guitar just good enough, thank you. And when I don't, I call on Mike Semple to bolster. He's better than good enough, and he's a hoot to boot.” Mike Semple’s undeniably sincere songwriting is enhanced by a singing style that’s hypnotic and lackadaisically melodic like Lou Reed or Paul Westerberg. Add Semple’s distinctive guitar work, born of a 70’s British influence, and it is laid beautifully and softly down at the foot of your soul. Think Psychocandy meets The Days of Wine and Roses and add a bit of Wilco. Thomas Froggart (She Wants Revenge) and Eric Avery (Jane’s Addiction) also play on the album. Enlisted for the live touring band are Austin-based drummer, Kirke Jan and bass player, Einar Pedersen. Secretary Bird is a musical hybrid inspired by Mike Semple’s boyhood home of Tucson and his current home of Los Angeles. The album melds the countrified-influence of the desert and the rock and roll expanse of Los Angeles. They are songs that bring celebration and sadness, breaking your heart just for the pleasure of healing it.
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