Sunday, March 18, 2007


Artist / Band: RADICAL FACE
Song (MP3): GLORY
Album: Ghost
File Under: Indie / Folk / Experimental
Label: Morr Music

Info: This record started with a simple idea: What if houses had memories? What if, when we lived in them, our stories bled into the walls and became a part of the house? What if our ghosts were always going to haunt the places we’ve lived, along with everyone else who’s lived there?
All of the songs are short stories; even if again and again the narrator's voice is transmitted to the instruments, the piano, the guitars, an accordion. And in comparison to the very song-oriented debut by Electric President, 24-year-old ,Ben Cooper’s alter ego (Radical Face) and second musical affair of the heart, Ghost, has become a songwriter-album. Or rather a song-writing album, the tracks as carefully arranged interiors, chamber folk, pocket symphonies, passionate melodies.

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