Friday, March 30, 2007


Artist / Band: Goldrush

Song (MP3): Heaven's My Destination
Album: The Heart Is The Place
File Under: Indie
Info: With their new album, released throughout the world in late Jan/early Feb, Goldrush have pulled it back. With The Heart Is The Place they have created a stunning and defiant record that warms our hearts to the core. It’s a turning point for a band that were on the verge of throwing it all in… a record that signals triumph over adversity. When Goldrush started trying to work on the first couple of tracks (over a year ago) they felt utterly burned out. To them, none of the new material sounded powerful, emotional or original. They couldn’t get anywhere near where they wanted to be, and they had spent most of their recording budget. One member left the band, another moved to New York whilst the rest hid in their homes in Steventon Oxfordshire. For the first time in two years of constant touring, the band came to an abrupt halt.?Fortunately Goldrush had a ‘cowshed, turned studio’ to fall back into. They started from scratch, and hired producer / musician James Rutledge (has worked with Dangermouse, Kevin Shields etc) to work things out with them. Goldrush had previously worked with the legendary David Fridmann (Mercury Rev / Flaming Lips), but Rutledge took a different tag, and encouraged the band to be more sonically adventurous, whilst simultaneously helping them re-discover their supreme song writing ability.
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