Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Girl Talk

Artist / Band: Girl Talk
Song (MP3): Pure magic
Album: Bone Hard Zaggin'
File Under: Samplin Pop
Label: 333 recordings
Info: A little something from last year that got overlooked amongst all the Night Ripper commotion, this 7" offering from mashup artist Gregg Gillis is a surprising departure into freak-folk that uses Appalachian harmonies to-- no, actually it's more spastic cut-up pop-rap-bounce-club-laptop business. By now you're probably in one of two camps when it comes to Girl Talk: either he's a sub-Diplo wigster who makes Real Street Music palatable to girl-jeans anglehairs by spoonfeeding it to 'em alongside a bunch of potential-punchline 80s pop debris, or he's a brilliant pop encyclopedia who hears sonic connections everywhere and does everything short of drilling a hole in his skull to let those ideas play off each other. (Can he be both? Only if you both love and hate irreverence in equal measure.)
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