Monday, March 19, 2007


Artist / Band: DATAROCK
Song (MP3): Fa-Fa-Fa
Album: Datarock Datarock
File Under: Other / Pop / Classic Rock
Label: Young Aspiring Professionals
Turn of the century in Norway and two friends, Fredrik Saroea and Ket-Ill, have noticed how the musical landscape of their home city, Bergen, has changed. No longer are the truly alternative sounds flooding out from rock venues like they had been in the nineties. It's in the clubs that they're hearing the most inspiring songs and meeting the most interesting people. The Röyksopp guys become friends, as do the Kings of Convenience and pop starlet Annie. Fredrik and Ket-Ill like all the music they're making, as well as the electroclash tunes DJs are beginning to play. They were in the middle of a huge musical stew, and it was from there that their own band, Datarock, first sprang to life.People like Röyksopp had been making electronic pop under different names on their laptops since the mid-nineties.

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